2024 Batmobile Car price in india Mileage, Specs, And Images

2024 Batmobile Car price in india :The Batmobile, a superhero icon, dominates DC Comics adventures onscreen. Its menacing look evolves with each new version, embodying superhero dreams. While fictional, it inspires many to replicate it globally. In India, students from Zeal Education Institute in Pune built a stunning replica funded by the college. Meticulously crafted details, like the roll cage, mirror the original. Starting from a scale model, they completed the life-size Batmobile in 50 days, costing only Rs 3.58 lakhs.

The Batmobile, resembling an alien pod, features a sleek all-black design. Its opaque windscreen and unique body design captivate. With four front tyres and a faux jet-propulsion system, it exudes power. Inside, gullwing doors reveal a tech-filled cabin for two. Privacy is key, with cameras replacing windows. The 2.6-liter diesel engine powers its impressive performance. The team aims to certify the Batmobile with ARAI. Future plans hint at more replicas, but market availability remains uncertain.

2024 Batmobile Car Overview

BrandModelLaunch DateStatusPrice
FictionalBatmobile2024Fictional VehicleRs 1.1-8.9 crore

2024 Batmobile Car Price

2024 Batmobile Car Price is start Rs 1.1-8.9 crore

BatmobileRs 1.1-8.9 crore

2024 Batmobile Car price in All States of India

BiharRs 1.1-8.9 crore
ChhattisgarhRs 1.1-8.9 crore
GoaRs 1.1-8.9 crore
GujaratRs 1.1-8.9 crore
HaryanaRs 1.1-8.9 crore
Himachal PradeshRs 1.1-8.9 crore
JharkhandRs 1.1-8.9 crore
KarnatakaRs 1.1-8.9 crore
KeralaRs 1.1-8.9 crore
Madhya PradeshRs 1.1-8.9 crore
MaharashtraRs 1.1-8.9 crore
ManipurRs 1.1-8.9 crore
MeghalayaRs 1.1-8.9 crore
MizoramRs 1.1-8.9 crore
NagalandRs 1.1-8.9 crore
OdishaRs 1.1-8.9 crore
PunjabRs 1.1-8.9 crore
RajasthanRs 1.1-8.9 crore
SikkimRs 1.1-8.9 crore
Tamil NaduRs 1.1-8.9 crore
TelanganaRs 1.1-8.9 crore
TripuraRs 1.1-8.9 crore
Uttar PradeshRs 1.1-8.9 crore
UttarakhandRs 1.1-8.9 crore
West BengalRs 1.1-8.9 crore

2024 Batmobile Car Colors

BlackMost common, seen in various iterations
GraySeen in “The Dark Knight” film
BlueFeatured in the “Batman: Arkham” video game series

2024 Batmobile Car Mileage

Fuel TypeMileage (Hypothetical)
VariesHighly Implausible

2024 Batmobile Car Top-speed

BrandModelTop Speed (Estimated)
FictionalBatmobileOver 200 mph (over 320 km/h)


Feature2024 Batmobile
Safety, Security & Locks
AirbagsN/A (May have custom safety features, but airbags are not standard)
Seat Belt WarningN/A (May have a custom warning system)
Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)Likely
Electronic Brake-Force Distribution (EBD)Likely
Engine ImmobilizerLikely
Comfort & Convenience
Parking SensorsLikely (May have advanced proximity sensors)
Doors, Windows, Mirrors & Wipers
Anti-glare MirrorsLikely
ORVMs (Outside Rear View Mirrors)Likely
Boot-lid OpenerLikely
Door HandlesLikely (May have unique or hidden designs)
Interior Door HandlesLikely
Door PocketsUnlikely (May have custom storage solutions)
Headlight Height AdjusterMay not be necessary (advanced headlights)
Tail LightsLikely (May have unique designs)
Cabin LampsLikely (May have advanced lighting features)
Seats, Upholstery & Storage
Seat UpholsteryLikely high-performance and custom-designed
Driver Height Adjustable SeatLikely
Front Passenger Seat AdjustmentLikely
Rear Passenger SeatsMay vary depending on the iteration (some versions have no rear seats)
Interior ColoursLikely dark and stealthy, may vary depending on the iteration
Cup HoldersUnlikely (not a priority for the Batmobile’s function)
Entertainment, Information & Instrumentation
Instrument ClusterLikely advanced and customizable, displaying tactical information
Trip MeterUnlikely (not a typical use case for the Batmobile)
WarrantyN/A (The Batmobile is a fictional vehicle)
Technology features:
Infotainment system:May have a custom system for communication, surveillance, and tactical analysis
Navigation:Likely advanced GPS with real-time traffic and crime data integration
Driver assistance features:May have advanced self-driving and autonomous capabilities for specific scenarios, but not for typical driving


YearN/A (Concept, not a production car)
WidthN/AVaries depending on the iteration
HeightN/AVaries depending on the iteration
WheelbaseN/AVaries depending on the iteration
Ground ClearanceN/AVaries depending on the iteration
Seating Capacity2Typically for Batman and a passenger
No. of Seating Rows1
DoorsVariesTypically 2, but can vary depending on the iteration
Boot SpaceN/APrimarily a crime-fighting vehicle, not designed for cargo
EngineN/AVaries significantly across different iterations
DisplacementN/ANot applicable to all iterations (e.g., electric Batmobile)
Engine TypeVariesInternal combustion, electric, or fictional energy sources
CylindersN/ANot applicable to all iterations (e.g., electric Batmobile)
ValvesN/ANot applicable to all iterations (e.g., electric Batmobile)
PerformancePrimarily focused on performance, specific figures not available (0-60 mph, top speed, etc.)
Drive TypeVariesRear-wheel drive, all-wheel drive, or fictional advanced systems
FuelVariesGasoline, diesel, electric, or fictional energy sources
Fuel Tank CapacityN/AVaries depending on the iteration (fuel type and power requirements)
SuspensionVariesTypically high-performance suspension for agility and stability
BrakesVariesHigh-performance disc brakes for quick stopping power
SteeringVariesTypically rack and pinion for precise handling
Spare WheelN/ANot essential for a fictional crime-fighting vehicle
WheelsVariesTypically large wheels for performance and handling
TiresVariesHigh-performance tires for grip and handling


N/AN/AThe Batmobile is a fictional vehicle designed for crime-fighting, not commercial production. It doesn’t have direct competitors in the real world.

Pros and Cons

– Unmatched speed and acceleration– Fuel efficiency may be poor (depending on the iteration)Varies depending on the iteration, but generally focused on exceptional performance.
– Advanced weaponry and gadgets– Complex systems might be vulnerable to hackingThe Batmobile is known for its extensive arsenal and crime-fighting tools.
– Iconic and intimidating appearance– May not be very practical for everyday drivingThe Batmobile’s design prioritizes style and functionality for crime-fighting.
– Built to withstand extreme conditions and attacks– Repairs and maintenance might be complex and expensiveThe Batmobile is designed to be tough and resilient in various situations.
– Can be adapted for different situations– Extensive modifications might require specialized expertiseThe Batmobile can be equipped with various tools and features depending on the need.

Reviews and Ratings

Crime-fighting TechnologyPacked with cutting-edge gadgets and weaponry, making it highly effective in combatting criminals.5 out of 5 stars
DurabilityWithstands immense punishment and damage during encounters with villains.5 out of 5 stars
ManeuverabilityExceptionally agile and capable of navigating tight spaces and performing complex maneuvers.5 out of 5 stars
Stealth CapabilitiesOften equipped with cloaking technology or silent operation features, allowing for surprise attacks.4.5 out of 5 stars (limited by specific iterations)


Batcomputer:A powerful computer system for crime-fighting analysis, strategy, and communication.
Bat-missiles:Various types of missiles for offensive and defensive maneuvers.
Grappling Hook:Launches a grappling hook for scaling buildings and traversing across rooftops.
Smoke Screen Dispenser:Emits smoke to disorient and evade enemies.
Bat-gadgets:An array of specialized tools and devices for various situations (e.g., Batarangs, EMP emitters, sonic disrupters).
Emergency Bat-Escape:Ejection system for escaping critical situations.
Armor Plating:Provides protection against gunfire and other threats.
Night Vision System:Enhances vision in low-light conditions.
Active Camouflage:Makes the Batmobile temporarily invisible (in some iterations).
Afterburner:Provides a short burst of high speed for quick getaways.


1. What is the price of the 2024 Batmobile?

The Batmobile is a fictional vehicle and does not exist in the real world, so it doesn’t have a price tag. It’s considered priceless due to its uniqueness, symbolism, and cultural significance.

2. What is the mileage of the Batmobile?

The Batmobile’s mileage varies significantly across different interpretations in comics, movies, and video games. It can be powered by jet fuel, electricity, or even fictional energy sources, making a single mileage figure impossible to define.

3. What are the specifications of the 2024 Batmobile?

Due to the fictional nature of the Batmobile, it’s impossible to provide specific details like engine displacement, horsepower, or fuel tank capacity. These aspects vary greatly depending on the iteration of the Batmobile.

4. What are some interesting facts about the Batmobile?

The first Batmobile on film was simply a regular car, a 1939 Cadillac, used by both Bruce Wayne and Batman.
The most iconic Batmobile, the one from the 1966 TV series, was built by customizing a 1955 Lincoln Futura for a mere $1.
Different Batmobiles have featured a variety of gadgets and weapons, like Batarangs, grappling hooks, and rocket launchers.

5. Where can I learn more about the Batmobile?

You can find a wealth of information about the Batmobile online, including fan websites, comic book resources, and movie databases. Additionally, documentaries and behind-the-scenes features often delve into the design and creation of the Batmobile for different films and TV shows.

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