2024 Pagani Zonda Price India, Mileage, Specs, And Images

The expected starting price for the Pagani Zonda in India is around ₹120 crore crore. This new luxury coupe has a strong 12-cylinder 5987 cc turbo petrol engine. It can produce up to 729.88 bhp of power and 710 Nm of torque. It has some great features. These include auto air conditioning, push-button start, and keyless entry. It also has an Electronic Stability Program (ESP).

2024 Pagani Zonda Overview

BrandModelLaunch DateStatusPrice
PaganiZonda20242024₹120 crore

2024 Pagani Zonda Price

The price of the 2024 Pagani Zonda is expected to start around ₹120 crore and go up to ₹150 crore 

2024 Pagani Zonda Price in All States of India

StateEstimated Price Range (₹)
Assam₹120 crore to ₹150 crore
Bihar₹120 crore to ₹150 crore
Chhattisgarh₹120 crore to ₹150 crore
Goa₹120 crore to ₹150 crore
Gujarat₹120 crore to ₹150 crore
Haryana₹120 crore to ₹150 crore
Himachal Pradesh₹120 crore to ₹150 crore
Jharkhand₹120 crore to ₹150 crore
Karnataka₹120 crore to ₹150 crore
Kerala₹120 crore to ₹150 crore
Madhya Pradesh₹120 crore to ₹150 crore
Maharashtra₹120 crore to ₹150 crore
Manipur₹120 crore to ₹150 crore
Meghalaya₹120 crore to ₹150 crore
Mizoram₹120 crore to ₹150 crore
Nagaland₹120 crore to ₹150 crore
Odisha₹120 crore to ₹150 crore
Punjab₹120 crore to ₹150 crore
Rajasthan₹120 crore to ₹150 crore
Sikkim₹120 crore to ₹150 crore
Tamil Nadu₹120 crore to ₹150 crore
Telangana₹120 crore to ₹150 crore

2024 Pagani Zonda Colors

Color NameDescription
Rosso (Red)A classic and popular choice for the Zonda, often seen in a bright, fiery shade.
Blu (Blue)Another popular option, Zonda blues can range from light and airy to deep and dramatic.
Argento (Silver)A sophisticated and sleek color that highlights the Zonda’s curves.
Nero (Black)Exudes an aggressive and mysterious character.
Bianco (White)A clean and elegant look that showcases the car’s design.
Giallo (Yellow)A head-turning color that makes a bold statement.
Verde (Green)An uncommon but striking choice, Zonda greens can vary from lime to olive tones.
Arancio (Orange)A vibrant and energetic color that reflects the Zonda’s performance.
Viola (Purple)A truly unique and eye-catching option for a truly special car.
Custom ColorsDue to the Zonda’s exclusivity, many owners opted for custom paint colors to match their preferences.

2024 Pagani Zonda Mileage

2024 Pagani Zonda Mileage is 8-12 to 12-15 (MPG)

Driving Conditions (City/Highway Mix)Estimated Mileage Range (MPG)
Mostly City Driving8-12
Mostly Highway Driving12-15

2024 Pagani Zonda Top-speed

2024 Pagani Zonda Top-speed is 335 to208 (mph)

Pagani Zonda VariantExpected Top Speed (km/h)Expected Top Speed (mph)
Zonda C12-S335208
Zonda F345214
Zonda R (Track-focused)375233
Zonda Revolución (Track-focused)350+217+


Feature CategoryExpected Features
Safety, Security & Locks
* AirbagsDriver and Passenger airbags (limited)
* Seat Belt WarningYes
* Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)Yes
* Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD)Likely, but not confirmed
* Engine ImmobilizerYes
Comfort & Convenience
* Parking SensorsNot expected
Doors, Windows, Mirrors & Wipers
* Anti-glare Rearview MirrorLikely
* Electrically Adjustable Wing Mirrors (ORVMs)Likely
* Remote Boot ReleaseLikely
* Door HandlesExterior and Interior door handles
* Door PocketsLikely, but not confirmed
* Headlight Level AdjusterLikely, but not confirmed
* LED TaillightsLikely
* Interior Dome LightYes
Seats, Upholstery & Storage
* Leather SeatsStandard
* Driver’s Seat with Height AdjustmentLikely, but not confirmed
* Passenger Seat AdjustmentManual adjustment expected
* Rear SeatsLikely limited space, may not be suitable for adults
* Interior Color OptionsAvailable in various options
* Cup HoldersLikely, but not confirmed
Entertainment, Information & Instrumentation
* Instrument Cluster with Analog GaugesYes
* Trip MeterYes
* TachometerYes
* Information not readily available, may vary depending on region and purchase date
Technology Features
* Informationtainment system:Likely basic system with CD player and audio
* Navigation:Not expected
* Driver Assistance Features:Limited, Anti-lock brakes (ABS) most likely standard, advanced features like traction control not confirmed


Dimensions & Weight
WidthAround 1998 mm (78.7 in)
HeightAround 1141 mm (44.9 in)
WheelbaseAround 2845 mm (112.0 in)
Ground ClearanceAround 100 mm (3.9 in)
Seating Capacity2
No. of Seating Rows1
Boot SpaceLimited cargo space
Fuel Tank CapacityAround 100 liters (26.4 gallons)
DisplacementAround 6.0L to 7.3L
Engine TypeMercedes-AMG sourced V12
Max Power (BHP)Over 600 BHP (depending on variant)
Max Torque (NM)Over 700 NM (depending on variant)
Mileage (ARAI)Not available (hypercar, performance oriented)
Transmission TypeSingle-clutch Automated Manual Transmission (AMT)
No. of gears6
Engine type:Mid-mounted
Transmission:Rear-wheel drive (RWD)
0-60 mph:Around 3.4 seconds (estimated)
Drive TypeRear-wheel drive (RWD)
Fuel TypeHigh-performance gasoline
Fuel Tank CapacityAround 100 liters (26.4 gallons)
Seating Capacity2
No. of Seating Rows1
Boot SpaceLimited cargo space
Suspensions, Brakes, Steering & Tyres
Suspension FrontDouble wishbone suspension
Suspension RearDouble wishbone suspension
Front Brake TypeHigh-performance disc brakes with ABS
Spare Wheel
Wheel Size (inches)Around 18-inch to 19-inch
Tyre Size FrontHigh-performance tires (size depends on model)
Tyre Size RearHigh-performance tires (size depends on model)


CarEnginePowerPrice (approx.)
Ferrari 812 Superfast6.5L V12800 hp₹5.5 Crore
Lamborghini Aventador SVJ6.5L V12759 hp₹6.0 Crore
McLaren 720S4.0L Twin-turbo V8717 hp₹4.9 Crore

Pros and Cons

High performance engineExtremely expensive
Unique and luxurious designLimited production
Excellent handlingPoor fuel economy
Powerful brakesNot very practical for everyday driving

Reviews and Ratings

CategoryExpected Review/Rating
PerformanceExcellent acceleration, handling, and top speed. Very few reviewers will give a rating below 4.5 out of 5 stars.
DesignStriking and unique design. Expect subjective reviews on aesthetics, but most reviewers will likely consider it a head-turner.
InteriorHigh-quality materials and craftsmanship, but may be spartan or lack some modern amenities compared to other high-end vehicles. Ratings here might be more varied depending on individual priorities.
ReliabilityPagani is a small manufacturer and the Zonda is a limited production car. There may be fewer data points on reliability compared to mass-produced vehicles. Ratings here might be subjective based on individual experiences.
ValueThe Pagani Zonda is an extremely expensive car. Reviewers will likely acknowledge this and focus on the car’s exclusivity, performance, and craftsmanship. Value is a very subjective category, so ratings here would depend on the reviewer’s perspective.


AccessoryEstimated Price Range (₹)Buy Now
Aero Package (Spoilers, Front Splitters etc.)₹ 50,00,000 – ₹ 1,50,00,000Not Applicable (Consider contacting Pagani or specialized dealers)
Performance Exhaust System₹ 25,00,000 – ₹ 75,00,000Not Applicable (Consider contacting Pagani or specialized dealers)
Lightweight Wheels₹ 40,00,000 – ₹ 1,00,00,000Not Applicable (Consider contacting Pagani or specialized dealers)
Upgraded Interior Parts (seats, trim etc.)₹ 20,00,000 – ₹ 1,00,00,000Not Applicable (Consider contacting Pagani or specialized dealers)


Is the Pagani Utopia a replacement for the Zonda?

The Utopia is considered the successor to the Zonda, but it’s not a direct replacement. It carries on the design heritage of the Zonda with some influences from the Huayra, Pagani’s previous model.

What engine does the Utopia have?

The Utopia retains the powerful Mercedes-AMG sourced 6.0L twin-turbo V12 engine found in the Huayra, producing a staggering 852 horsepower and 811 lb-ft of torque.

How much does the Utopia cost?

Pagani doesn’t officially release pricing, but estimates suggest the Utopia₹120 crore and go up to ₹150 crore .

Can I still buy a Zonda?

You might be able to find a pre-owned Zonda through dealerships specializing in exotic cars, but due to its rarity and prestige, expect a very high price tag.

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