2024 Hyundai N Vision 74 Price in India, Mileage, Specs, And Images

The Hyundai N Vision 74 is an ideal auto. It draws a motivation from the 1974 Hyundai Pony Coupe. The car’s layout is elegant and aerodynamic. It boasts a hydrogen fuel cell engine, breeding 670 horsepower and 900 lb-ft of torque. Its range exceeds 600 miles, making it both powerful and efficient.

The N Vision 74 is packed with features. These include a 12.3-inch touchscreen. They also have advanced navigation and safety systems. These systems include lane departure and forward collision warnings. It showcases Hyundai’s innovation.

Its price in India is yet to be selected. However, the car’s high specs and features offer a high cost.

The car’s hybrid motor and carbon fiber chassis are top-notch. It’s likely to be priced between ₹46.05 Lakhs in India, placing it among luxury sports cars.

Hyundai might offer lower-spec models to lower the price. The final cost depends on various factors, including import costs and market competition.

2024 Hyundai N Vision 74 Overview

BrandModelLaunch DateStatusPrice
HyundaiN Vision 7420242024₹46.05 Lakhs

2024 Hyundai N Vision 74 Price

The price of the 2024 Hyundai N Vision 74 is expected to start around ₹46.05 Lakhs.

2024 Hyundai N Vision 74 Price in All States of India

States of IndiaPrice
Assam₹46.05 Lakhs
Bihar₹46.05 Lakhs
Chhattisgarh₹46.05 Lakhs
Goa₹46.05 Lakhs
Gujarat₹46.05 Lakhs
Haryana₹46.05 Lakhs
Himachal Pradesh₹46.05 Lakhs
Jharkhand₹46.05 Lakhs
Karnataka₹46.05 Lakhs
Kerala₹46.05 Lakhs
Madhya Pradesh₹46.05 Lakhs
Maharashtra₹46.05 Lakhs
Manipur₹46.05 Lakhs
Meghalaya₹46.05 Lakhs
Mizoram₹46.05 Lakhs
Nagaland₹46.05 Lakhs
Odisha₹46.05 Lakhs
Punjab₹46.05 Lakhs
Rajasthan₹46.05 Lakhs
Chhattisgarh₹46.05 Lakhs
Tamil Nadu₹46.05 Lakhs
Telangana₹46.05 Lakhs
Tripura₹46.05 Lakhs
Uttar Pradesh₹46.05 Lakhs
Uttarakhand₹46.05 Lakhs
West Bengal₹46.05 Lakhs

2024 Hyundai N Vision 74 Colors

Performance BlueA vibrant blue that reflects Hyundai’s N performance line.
Asphalt GrayA sleek and sophisticated gray that highlights the car’s sporty character.
Hyperion RedA bold and head-turning red that emphasizes the car’s aggressive design.
Matte WhiteA clean and modern white that showcases the car’s futuristic elements.

2024 Hyundai N Vision 74 Mileage

2024 Hyundai N Vision 74 Mileage is 373 miles

Driving StyleExpected Mileage
Average Driving373 miles
Spirited DrivingLower than 373 miles

2024 Hyundai N Vision 74 Top-speed

2024 Hyundai N Vision 74 Top-speed is Over 160 mph (over 258 km/h)

Top SpeedOver 160 mph (over 258 km/h)


Safety, Security & Locks
AirbagsFront and Side (Expected)
Seat Belt WarningStandard
Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)Standard
Electronic Brake-Force Distribution (EBD)Standard
Engine ImmobilizerStandard
Comfort & Convenience
Parking SensorsExpected (Front and Rear)
Doors, Windows, Mirrors & Wipers
Anti-glare MirrorsExpected
ORVMsPower Adjustable (Expected)
Boot-lid OpenerElectronic (Expected)
Door HandlesIntegrated
Interior Door HandlesRecessed
Door PocketsYes
Headlight Height AdjusterAutomatic (Expected)
Tail LightsLED
Cabin LampsLED
Seats, Upholstery & Storage
Seat UpholsteryLeather and Suede (Expected)
Driver Height Adjustable SeatStandard
Front Passenger Seat AdjustmentPower Adjustable (Expected)
Rear Passenger SeatsFolding (Expected)
Interior ColoursLimited Information (Black Expected, Possibly Two-Tone Options)
Cup HoldersFront and Rear (Expected)
Entertainment, Information & Instrumentation
Instrument ClusterDigital (Expected)
Trip MeterStandard
Standard Warranty (Years)3-5 Years (Typical for Hyundai)
Standard Warranty (kilometers)100,000 km (Assumption based on Typical Hyundai Warranty)
Technology features
Infotainment systemLarge Touchscreen (Expected)
NavigationBuilt-in Navigation (Expected)
Driver assistance featuresAdvanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Expected (Lane Departure Warning, Blind Spot Monitoring, Forward Collision Warning, etc.)


FeatureExpected Specification
Dimensions & Weight
WidthNot Available
HeightNot Available
WheelbaseNot Available
Ground ClearanceNot Available
CapacityNot Available
Seating Capacity4
No. of Seating Rows2
Boot SpaceNot Available
Fuel Tank CapacityNot Available (Hydrogen Fuel Cell)
DisplacementNot Available
Engine TypeHydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (HFCEV)
CylindersNot Applicable (Electric Motor)
ValvesNot Applicable (Electric Motor)
Max Power (BHP)Not Available (Target: Over 600 horsepower estimated based on similar concepts)
Max Torque (NM)Not Available (Electric motors typically offer high torque)
Mileage (ARAI)Not Applicable (Electric Vehicles don’t have ARAI mileage ratings)
Transmission TypeNot Available (Likely Automatic)
No. of gearsNot Available
Engine type:Electric Motor
Transmission:Automatic (Expected)
0-60 mphLess than 4 seconds (estimated based on similar concepts)
Drive TypeRear-Wheel Drive (Expected)
Fuel TypeHydrogen
Fuel Tank CapacityNot Available
Seating Capacity4
No. of Seating Rows2
Boot SpaceNot Available
Suspensions, Brakes, Steering & Tyres
Suspension FrontNot Available (Likely Performance-tuned suspension)
Suspension RearNot Available (Likely Performance-tuned suspension)
Front Brake TypeDisc Brakes (High-performance expected)
Spare WheelAvailability unknown
Wheel Size (inches)Not Available (Likely large diameter for performance)
Tyre Size FrontNot Available
Tyre Size RearNot Available


CategoryPossible Competitors (India)Notes
Retro-inspired, High-Performance Electric CarsNone CurrentlyThe Indian market currently lacks direct competitors in this niche. However, some enthusiasts might consider high-performance electric SUVs like the Tesla Model X or upcoming Audi e-tron GT.
Hydrogen Fuel Cell CarsToyota MiraiThe Toyota Mirai is the only commercially available hydrogen fuel cell car in India. However, hydrogen refueling infrastructure is very limited.
High-Performance Hyundai Cars (reference)Hyundai i30 NThis is just a reference point showcasing Hyundai’s existing performance car in India. The N Vision 74 would likely be positioned above the i30 N in terms of performance and exclusivity.

Pros and Cons

Retrofuturistic Design* Striking and eye-catching* May not appeal to everyone’s taste
* Potential collector’s item* Practicality of some design elements unknown
* Homage to Hyundai’s heritage* Visibility might be compromised
Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology* Zero emissions* Limited hydrogen refueling infrastructure currently
* Long range (potentially)* Refueling time might be longer than gasoline
* Quiet operation* Cost of hydrogen fuel uncertain
High Performance* Powerful electric motor* Specific performance figures unknown
* Rear-wheel drive for driving dynamics* Real-world handling might differ from concept
* Lightweight construction (potentially)* Availability of high-performance tires for purchase
Digital Interior* Modern and sleek design* Can be distracting for the driver
* Customizable information displays* May lack physical buttons for essential functions
* Potential for advanced driver assistance features* Learning curve for new interface
Limited Production* Exclusive and collectible* Very difficult to obtain
(if produced)* High resale value (potential)* Price likely to be extremely high
* Creates a sense of occasion* Limited availability for test drives or service

Reviews and Ratings

AspectExpected Review/Rating
Overall RatingNot Available (Concept Car)
Driving PerformanceNot Available (Concept Car Not Driven)
HandlingNot Available (Concept Car Not Driven)
AccelerationNot Available (Concept Car Specifications Not Finalized)
DesignPositive Reception Based on Concept
InteriorReviews Focused on Concept Design, Functionality Unknown
TechnologyReviews Focused on Potential of Hydrogen Fuel Cell System, Functionality Unknown
SafetyNot Applicable (Concept Car Not Evaluated for Safety)
Fuel EfficiencyNot Applicable (Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles Don’t Have MPG Ratings)


AccessoryDescriptionBuy Now
Performance Air Intake SystemImproves air intake for better engine performance (if applicable)Not Available
Upgraded Exhaust System (for sound only)Modifies the exhaust note for a sportier sound (concept car may not have a traditional exhaust system)Not Available
Performance Brake PadsImproves braking performanceNot Available
Floor MatsProtects the car’s carpetingNot Available
Cargo LinerProtects the car’s cargo areaNot Available
Performance Steering WheelEnhances grip and feel for the driverNot Available
Alloy Wheels (different design)Different design wheels than the conceptNot Available
Aerodynamic Body KitAdds cosmetic enhancements and may improve aerodynamicsNot Available
Paint Protection FilmProtects the car’s paint from scratches and chipsNot Available


Is the Hyundai N Vision 74 going into production?

There are reports suggesting Hyundai might put the N Vision 74 into production, but there is no official confirmation yet.

What kind of powertrain does the N Vision 74 have?

The N Vision 74 boasts a unique hybrid powertrain. It combines a hydrogen fuel cell stack with a 62.4 kWh battery pack. This combination is reported to deliver an impressive 680 horsepower and 664 lb-ft of torque.

What is the estimated performance of the N Vision 74?

Hyundai claims the N Vision 74 can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in under 4 seconds and reach a top speed of 250 km/h.

What is the inspiration behind the N Vision 74’s design?

The design pays homage to the 1974 Hyundai Pony Coupe concept, while also incorporating some elements reminiscent of the DeLorean and Audi Quattro.

Does the N Vision 74 have any unique features?

The hydrogen fuel cell and electric battery combination offers flexibility. The fuel cell can generate electricity to recharge the battery, extending the driving range. Additionally, the N Vision 74 features a cleverly designed cooling system to manage the heat generated by the powerful powertrain.

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