2024 Hero Surge s32 Price in India, Mileage, Specs, And Images

In 2023, Hero MotoCorp launched the Surge S32, a new exciting three-wheeler for India. It will launch in 2024. Uncertainty now surrounds its release due to new regulations.

The S32 stands out for its modern, practical design. It likely offers a cabin for passengers and cargo. Its electric motor should provide a comfortable city ride. Hero aims to make it affordable for both personal and commercial use.

Government subsidies will impact its price. Initial estimates range from 3-5 lakhs. However, these are not final. The price will depend on Hero’s strategy, features, and the vehicle’s class under the new rules.

The S32’s launch hinges on Hero’s ability to navigate regulations. It could revolutionize short-distance travel with its benefits:

2024 Hero Surge s32 Overview

BrandModelLaunch Date (Estimated)StatusPrice (Estimated)
HeroSurge S3220242024₹3-4 Lakhs
2024 Hero Surge s32 Price in India

2024 Hero Surge s32 Price

The price of the 2024 Hero Surge s32t is expected to start around ₹3-4 Lakhs and go up to₹4.5-5 Lakhs

Trims (if launched)Expected Price Range (Lakhs)
Base Model₹3-4 Lakhs
Standard₹3.5-4.5 Lakhs
High (Optional)₹4.5-5 Lakhs

2024 Hero Surge s32 Price in All States of India

States of IndiaBase ModelStandardHigh (Optional)
Assam₹3-4 Lakhs₹3.5-4.5 Lakhs₹4.5-5 Lakhs
Bihar₹3-4 Lakhs₹3.5-4.5 Lakhs₹4.5-5 Lakhs
Chhattisgarh₹3-4 Lakhs₹3.5-4.5 Lakhs₹4.5-5 Lakhs
Goa₹3-4 Lakhs₹3.5-4.5 Lakhs₹4.5-5 Lakhs
Gujarat₹3-4 Lakhs₹3.5-4.5 Lakhs₹4.5-5 Lakhs
Haryana₹3-4 Lakhs₹3.5-4.5 Lakhs₹4.5-5 Lakhs
Himachal Pradesh₹3-4 Lakhs₹3.5-4.5 Lakhs₹4.5-5 Lakhs
Jharkhand₹3-4 Lakhs₹3.5-4.5 Lakhs₹4.5-5 Lakhs
Karnataka₹3-4 Lakhs₹3.5-4.5 Lakhs₹4.5-5 Lakhs
Kerala₹3-4 Lakhs₹3.5-4.5 Lakhs₹4.5-5 Lakhs
Madhya Pradesh₹3-4 Lakhs₹3.5-4.5 Lakhs₹4.5-5 Lakhs
Maharashtra₹3-4 Lakhs₹3.5-4.5 Lakhs₹4.5-5 Lakhs
Manipur₹3-4 Lakhs₹3.5-4.5 Lakhs₹4.5-5 Lakhs
Meghalaya₹3-4 Lakhs₹3.5-4.5 Lakhs₹4.5-5 Lakhs
Mizoram₹3-4 Lakhs₹3.5-4.5 Lakhs₹4.5-5 Lakhs
Nagaland₹3-4 Lakhs₹3.5-4.5 Lakhs₹4.5-5 Lakhs
Odisha₹3-4 Lakhs₹3.5-4.5 Lakhs₹4.5-5 Lakhs
Punjab₹3-4 Lakhs₹3.5-4.5 Lakhs₹4.5-5 Lakhs
Rajasthan₹3-4 Lakhs₹3.5-4.5 Lakhs₹4.5-5 Lakhs
Chhattisgarh₹3-4 Lakhs₹3.5-4.5 Lakhs₹4.5-5 Lakhs
Tamil Nadu₹3-4 Lakhs₹3.5-4.5 Lakhs₹4.5-5 Lakhs
Telangana₹3-4 Lakhs₹3.5-4.5 Lakhs₹4.5-5 Lakhs
Tripura₹3-4 Lakhs₹3.5-4.5 Lakhs₹4.5-5 Lakhs
Uttar Pradesh₹3-4 Lakhs₹3.5-4.5 Lakhs₹4.5-5 Lakhs
Uttarakhand₹3-4 Lakhs₹3.5-4.5 Lakhs₹4.5-5 Lakhs
West Bengal₹3-4 Lakhs₹3.5-4.5 Lakhs₹4.5-5 Lakhs

2024 Hero Surge s32 Colors

TrimPossible ColorsNotes
Base ModelWhite, GreyBasic color options for affordability.
Standard (if offered)White, Grey, BlueBroader selection compared to the base model, potentially including a more vibrant option.
High (Optional, if offered)White, Grey, Blue, BlackPremium color options, possibly including metallic or dual-tone choices for a more distinctive look.

2024 Hero Surge s32 Mileage

2024 Hero Surge s32 Mileage is 100-120 to 140-160 (km/charge)

TrimExpected Mileage (km/charge)
Base Model100-120
Standard (if offered)120-140
High (Optional) (if offered)140-160
2024 Hero Surge s32 Price in India

2024 Hero Surge s32 Top-speed

2024 Hero Surge s32 Top-speed is 50-55 to 55-60 (km/h)

TrimTop Speed (km/h)
Base Model50-55
Standard (if offered)50-55
High (Optional)55-60


FeatureBase ModelStandard (Optional)High (Optional)
Safety, Security & Locks
Seat Belt WarningStandardStandardStandard
Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)StandardStandardStandard
Electronic Brake-Force Distribution (EBD)StandardStandardStandard
Engine ImmobilizerStandardStandardStandard
Comfort & Convenience
Parking SensorsOptionalStandard
Doors, Windows, Mirrors & Wipers
Anti-glare MirrorsStandardStandardStandard
ORVMs (Electrically Adjustable)StandardStandardOptional
Boot-lid OpenerStandard (Manual)Standard (Manual)Standard (Remote)
Door HandlesStandardStandardStandard
Interior Door HandlesStandardStandardStandard
Door PocketsStandardStandardStandard
Headlight Height AdjusterOptionalStandard
Tail LightsStandardStandardStandard
Cabin LampsStandardStandardStandard
Seats, Upholstery & Storage
Seat UpholsteryBasic FabricStandard FabricPremium Fabric
Driver Height Adjustable SeatOptionalStandard
Front Passenger Seat AdjustmentOptionalStandard
Rear Passenger Seats (Folding)StandardStandardStandard
Interior ColoursLimited OptionsMore OptionsPremium Options
Cup HoldersStandard (1)Standard (2)Standard (2) with Cooling
Entertainment, Information & Instrumentation
Instrument ClusterBasic AnalogDigital DisplayDigital Display with Advanced Info
Trip MeterStandardStandardStandard
Brand Warranty
Standard Warranty (Years)333
Standard Warranty (kilometers)50,00050,00050,000
Technology features
Infotainment system:Optional (Basic)Standard (Advanced)
Driver assistance features:Optional (Limited features)


FeatureBase Model (Estimated)Standard (Possible)High (Possible)
Dimensions & Weight
Width (mm)1500 (Approx)1500 (Approx)1500 (Approx)
Height (mm)1800 (Approx)1800 (Approx)1800 (Approx)
Wheelbase (mm)2400 (Approx)2400 (Approx)2400 (Approx)
Ground Clearance (mm)170 (Approx)170 (Approx)170 (Approx)
Seating Capacity2 (Passenger)2 (Passenger)2 (Passenger)
No. of Seating Rows111
Boot Space (Liters)400 (Cargo)400 (Cargo)400 (Cargo)
Fuel Tank Capacity (L)NA (Electric)NA (Electric)NA (Electric)
Displacement (cc)NA (Electric)NA (Electric)NA (Electric)
Engine TypeElectric MotorElectric MotorElectric Motor
Max Power (BHP)4 (Approx)5-6 (Possible Upgrade)5-6 (Possible Upgrade)
Max Torque (NM)UnknownUnknownUnknown
Mileage (ARAI)NA (Electric)NA (Electric)NA (Electric)
Transmission TypeSingle Speed AutomaticSingle Speed AutomaticSingle Speed Automatic
No. of gearsNANANA
0-60 mph (secs)UnknownUnknownUnknown
DrivetrainRear Wheel DriveRear Wheel DriveRear Wheel Drive
Suspension FrontTelescopic (Possible)Telescopic (Possible)Telescopic (Possible)
Suspension RearShock Absorbers (Possible)Shock Absorbers (Possible)Shock Absorbers (Possible)
Front Brake TypeDisc (Possible)Disc (Possible)Disc (Possible)
Spare WheelOptional (Possible)Optional (Possible)Optional (Possible)
Wheel Size (inches)12-14 (Approx)12-14 (Approx)12-14 (Approx)
Tyre Size FrontUnknownUnknownUnknown
Tyre Size RearUnknownUnknownUnknown


Competitor BrandModelCategorySimilaritiesDifferences
PiaggioApé ElectricElectric Three-wheelerCargo capacity, electric powertrainCabin style, focus on passenger transport
MahindraAlfa ElectricElectric Three-wheelerCargo capacity, electric powertrainCabin style, focus on passenger transport
BajajAuto rickshaw (Electric)Electric Three-wheeler (Passenger)Electric powertrain (if passenger variant offered)Cargo capacity, focus on passenger transport
RevaReva IElectric ScooterElectric powertrain, two-wheeler formatCargo capacity, range

Pros and Cons

FeatureExpected ProsExpected Cons
Performance– Potential for good range (depending on battery capacity) – May offer eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to traditional fuel– Lower top speed compared to petrol/diesel 3-wheelers
Technology– Modern design and features (if offered)– Availability of charging infrastructure might be limited in some areas
Cost & Maintenance– Potentially lower running costs due to electricity – Government subsidies could bring down initial cost (if applicable)– Higher initial purchase price compared to traditional 3-wheelers
Environmental Impact– Zero-emission operation – Contributes to cleaner air quality– Battery disposal needs proper management

Reviews and Ratings

AspectExpected RatingNotes
DesignPositiveModern and functional design anticipated based on teasers.
PerformancePositive/AverageElectric motor should offer good range for urban commutes, but performance details are unknown.
Ride & HandlingAverageLimited information, but maneuverability in city traffic is expected.
Comfort & ConvenienceAverage/PositiveCabin designed for passenger and cargo comfort, but specifics on features are unclear.
Efficiency & RangePositiveElectric technology should offer lower running costs and good range for city use, but official figures are awaited.
Value for MoneyPositive/AveragePricing depends on government subsidies and final feature set. Affordability is a target, but competitiveness relies on final price.
Overall RatingAverage/PositivePotential to be a good electric three-wheeler option, but final rating hinges on official launch, confirmed features, and user reviews.


AccessoryBase ModelStandardHigh (Optional)Buy Now
Floor MatsIncludedIncludedPremium Mats (₹1,500)
Seat CoversFabricLeatherette (₹5,000)
Mobile Charging PortIncludedFast Charging Port (₹2,000)
Cargo RackOptional (₹3,000)Heavy Duty Rack (₹5,000)
Audio System UpgradeOptional (₹4,000)Premium Speakers (₹8,000)
Alloy WheelsOptional (₹10,000)
Rear Parking SensorsOptional (₹2,500)


1. Will the Hero Surge S32 be launched in India in 2024?

Hero has unveiled the Surge S32, but there’s no official launch date confirmed yet. Additionally, there’s uncertainty due to new electric vehicle category requirements for registration in India.

2. What are the expected trims and prices of the Hero Surge S32?

Due to the launch uncertainty, specific trims and prices are unknown. However, we can speculate on possible scenarios: Base Model: A single base variant could be priced between 3-4 lakhs, considering potential government subsidies.
Multiple Trims: If offered, a standard trim might be slightly more expensive, with a high trim potentially reaching 5 lakhs.

3. What features might the Hero Surge S32 have?

Official information is limited, but based on teasers and industry expectations, the S32 might include: Modern and functional design for passenger and cargo carrying.
Electric motor with good range and performance for urban commutes.
Focus on affordability and operational efficiency.

4. What are the benefits of the Hero Surge S32?

Potential benefits include: Eco-friendly electric mobility solution.
Lower running costs compared to petrol or diesel three-wheelers.
Comfortable and spacious cabin for passengers or cargo.

5. Where can I find more information about the Hero Surge S32?

Keep an eye on Hero MotoCorp’s official website for launch announcements and confirmed details.
Follow reliable Indian automotive websites for news and updates on the Hero Surge S32.

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