2024 BMW k1600 GT Price in India

2024 Bmw k1600 GT Price

The 2024 Bmw k1600 GT is expected to cost between ₹ 28 lakh and ₹30 lakh. It’s ideal for those seeking an affordable, comfortable, fuel-efficient SUV with green technology.

2024 Bmw k1600 GT Colors

Blackstorm Metallic * Blue Planet Metallic * Mars Red Metallic * Sparkling Storm Metallic * Sport Style (might be a paint and trim option, not a separate trim)

2024 Bmw k1600 GT Mileage

The cheapest 2024 2024 Bmw k1600 GThave rear-wheel drive and the turbo four. It is rated at40-45 mpg

2024 Bmw k1600 GT Top-speed

The top speed yet for the 2024 Bmw k1600 GT Expected focus is on efficiency for the hybrid, likely around 160-175 mph (257-282 km/h)

2024 Bmw k1600 GT Competitors

Honda Indian Motorcycle Harley-Davidson