The Xiaomi SU7 EV lineup includes three variants: Standard, Pro, and Max. Prices start at CNY 215,900 (approximately Rs 25 lakhs) for the Standard variant, going up to CNY 299,900 (approximately Rs 35 lakhs) for the Max variant.

The SU7 Max variant boasts impressive performance metrics, with a top speed of 265 kmph and acceleration from 0-100 kmph in just 2.78 seconds, showcasing its high-performance capabilities.

Xiaomi promises up to 810 km of range on a single charge for the SU7 EV, making it competitive in terms of electric vehicle range, especially for long-distance driving.

1. It offers two battery configurations: a 73.6 kWh pack for the entry-level models and a larger 101 kWh pack for the top-tier model. A future 150 kWh battery pack is planned, promising a range of 1,200 km. 2. 

The SU7 is equipped with modern features such as support for Apple CarPlay and iPad connectivity, enhancing the overall user experience with seamless integration of digital devices.

The car measures 4,997mm in length, 1,963mm in width, and up to 1,455mm in height. It features a four-door entry and rides on 19-inch Michelin alloy wheels, offering a spacious and stylish design.